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Concert vs Festival

For someone who has attended a concert, but never a festival, you’re probably wondering what the similarities and differences are. While there are similarities, festivals contain quite a different ambiance.


Flow Toys

Every raver has seen flow toys in action, but it can be hard to decide which one would be best for you. All of them are wonderful in their own way, so if you purchase one, create your own style and get your energy flowing!


First Rave Ever!

One of two things will pop into your mind when you read the words “first rave ever”. Either you are planning your first rave and prepping to create the perfect experience, or you are reminiscing on your first rave and remembering the exciting and new feelings that flooded through your body during that magical time.


Complete Guide to EDM Rave Scene: San Diego

In the busy and beautiful city of San Diego, it can be difficult to navigate the rave scene right off the bat. The great thing about San Diego, there are so many places to go and Dj’s to see, if you do your research, you will have the best time of your life!


Which Music Festival is Perfect For You

Whether you are a music festival novice, or a seasoned veteran, certain factors go into figuring out what music festival best suits you personally. Of course, experiencing them for yourself helps you to narrow down what you want in a festival, but if you don’t have the time and money to attend every festival that comes around, you can analyze your responses to a few key questions.

Rave Lifestyle

Fun Activities Ravers Can Do Safe From COVID-19

Festival season will return to us quicker if we abide by the set guidelines. In the meantime, here are five fun and safe activities ravers can do from the comfort of their own home!

Rave Lifestyle

Headbanging 101

Headbanging is a great expression of EDM as well as a release of stagnant energy, so do it the correct way so there are no repercussions!


CRSSD festival San Diego: What to Expect

CRSSD is held right on the water with beautiful boats docked, so every time you glance away from the stage, you see absolute beauty. I highly recommend to get there before sunset, because the San Diego sunset at the waterfront park is magnificent.

Rave Doctor's Notes

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