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10 Festival Essentials: Rave Checklist

When packing for a music festival, whether it is camping or not, there are essential items to bring with you inside the venue.  Some of the items may appear unnecessary, but trust that they aren’t.

1. Totem
The first item on the list acts as a beacon of familiarity for many festival-goers.  Some totems showcase creativity by referencing popular memes, television shows or songs.  Totems also come in the form of flags or stuffed animals/inflatable objects.  Totems can help bring different groups together, and help people to find their group in the massive festival crowd.

2. Hand Sanitizer
Before 2020, hand sanitizer was not seen as the “liquid gold” commodity it is now.  At most festivals, porta potties are the only restroom option, and often times soap and water (for hand-washing) are unavailable.  For an effective hand sanitizer, the CDC recommends sanitizer with an alcohol concentration of 60 – 95 percent.  Hand sanitizer can act as a good replacement until you can properly wash your hands.

3. Flushable Wipes
Somewhat of an uncomfortable item on the list to discuss: flushable wipes.  You know what is more uncomfortable?  Finding yourself in a porta potty that has run out of toilet paper.  Bring flushable wipes, you will thank yourself later.

4. Sunglasses
What’s worse than trying to watch your favorite DJ or band with the sun shining in your face?  Be sure to pack a pair of sunglasses to avoid this, and to protect your eyes from the ultra-violet rays of the sun.

5. Sunscreen
This item should go without saying.  Standing in an open area, with little to no protection from the sun’s ultra violet rays, is a recipe for disaster.  Pick up some SPF 30 before your next festival.

6. Fan
We’ve all been there, standing in a massive crowd as the sun beats down on you.  Then you feel it, a breeze which comes from a festival-goer as they pass you by, making sure to fan their way through the crowd.  A fan is a necessity for festivals.

7. Bandana
Unless it has rained recently, chances are the dirt from the festival grounds will be kicked up.  A bandana can act as a semi-protective layer to help prevent dirt from entering your lungs.  Because what’s worse than coming home from a festival with a nasty cough?

8. Hydration Pack/Water Bottle
Hydration is key, read that again.  Having a hydration pack or water bottle is one of the smartest items to bring with to a festival.  Chances are, you also save money as water bottles are often over-priced.

9. Earplugs
Tinnitus is real.  Earplugs can help to prevent tinnitus and there are specific types of earplugs made for enjoying concerts and festivals at a safe decibel.

10. Tapestry/Blanket
Walking and dancing all day at a festival can get tiring.  Having a tapestry or blanket to sit on can definitely be a game changer.

Once quarantine is over, be sure to go out and purchase these ten essential items to your next festival. They will definitely improve your overall experience.

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