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By supporting Rave Doctor, you are helping us end the opioid epidemic. 10% of all profits will be used to fight opioid addiction and overdose.

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Rave Doctor’s mission is to provide health information and resources to the EDM community. Our goal is to spread awareness regarding health concerns related to raves and music festivals. We are working hard to collaborate with leaders within the EDM community to provide free health-related services and information. Rave Doctor strives to dramatically decrease the rate of rave-related medical accidents.


Rave Doctor was founded after two of our good friends came close to death at a music festival in the summer of 2016. We believe that this could have easily been prevented if they had access to the appropriate harm reduction information. We want to seize this opportunity and properly educate the EDM & rave community on the importance of taking care of your body and each other.


Rave Doctor was created by two EDM enthusiasts who wanted to take their respective expertise and apply it to their passion for the EDM community. Together, our founders bring in a multitude of experience from medical and engineering backgrounds, both graduating from the University of Florida. Health and wellness are more than just a passion for them, they care about the health of each individual and want to make a positive impact on the EDM community.




Our impact on the EDM community will entirely depend on your willingness to get involved. We will not ask you to help, but we expect it from each one of you! Let’s get these resources into the hands of every beautiful soul that can benefit from them.




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