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Pooping at a Music Festival: How to Guide

Let’s be honest… we all poop. Pooping is a natural thing. But, pooping at a festival is just plain diabolical and ungodly. Everyone struggles with pooping at fests. Whether it be the bloating, stomach pain of constipation, or the stomach gurgling, gassy , scared you might shart  diarrhea. Either way, it’s a shituation. (Pun intended)

For real, festival toilets aren’t the best. They’re porta-potties. Third day porta-potties… its like poop soup in there. You have to prepare yourself. I have a few tips I think will help you all out.

1. BYOTP- bring your own toilet paper

You think pooping in a hot, steamy, smelly porta-Kleen is bad? Try dropping a Duce then realizing there is no toilet paper. Rough… I always carry a travel size package of tissues and a travel size package of baby wipes. Trust me, a fresh butt feels way better after a poop. There are so many people using these toilets and it’s hard for staff to keep up with the mess and restocking toilet paper. Bringing your own will guarantee a happy potty break.

2.  Food- what goes in, must come out.

Now let’s takk food. What you put into your body will help better control what comes out of it. It’s difficult to eat how ou normally would at home, at a festival. You are tempted with greasy, deliciousness. You probably bought prepackaged snacks for the campsite to munch on. But, those things can definitely cause some issues in the restroom. I always bring fruit that won’t go bad in the sun. (Apples, bananas, mangos, etc) I usually have the issue of getting constipated. I feel bloated and nasty. It’s not cute. So I always bring food that I know will helps keep things regular. I also like to bring pedialyte, which usually helps me not only stay hydrated but also helps keep things moving. Coffee. Another great way to get yourself  to go to the bathroom. Any kind of caffeine will usually help you out. Depending on how your body reacts to food, greasy food may also help you go #2. But it might make your tummy upset in the meantime. So I try to stay away from that. Also, a lot of fests have smoothie stands, and let me tell you… a smoothie has saved my life before. Between forgetting to eat and feeling bloated and constipated, a smoothie can help replenish vitamins and essentials  your body needs to make you feel better. The fruit will also help with the bloating and constipation.

3. Stay constipated

This is something I personally would not recommend, but someone people just refuse to poop in Porta-potties or in public at all. I have a few friends that hate pooping at festivals. So again, i’m Not recommending this, but they suggested Imodium or Pepto bismol. Imodium is made to help stop diarrhea, so I would assume it would help stop pooping at all. Pepto bismol is also made to help with nausea and diarrhea. I honestly think the idea of not pooping for days sounds awful. So I personally would not advise it, but if it sounds good to you then go for it!

Rave doctor supplements?

What I could advise is taking some Rave Doctor. Rave doctor supplements include vitamins C, E, B1, b6, and B12. Containing magnesium for muscle soreness and 5-HTP to help with mood regulation. Also contains Alphalipoic acid and CoQ10 to aid in metabolism health. I believe Rave doctor can help your body and replenish key vitamins to k ep your body as regular and “normal” as possible during a fest.

Pooping at festivals can be rough. The best advise I can give you is know your body and pay attention to your bodies needs. If you have to poop, do it! Eat healthy, stay hydrated and take your Rave doctor supplements and you should be good to go.

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