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Why are you doing pilates?

When it’s about working on the whole body there is nothing better than doing pilates as its a full-body and low-impact exercise which helps in strengthening muscles by working on the postural alignment and flexibility. In pilates, we focus on the core part. For doing pilates, investing in specific equipment is not necessary you may even continue without them.

Besides working on the core region, this form of exercise even works on your posture, flexibility, and mobility. It takes 45 to half an hour for typical Pilates workout

This form of workout regime is further classified into two parts mat and reformer classes. Speaking about reformer classes than its more based on either a mat, thicker than your standard yoga mat to cushion pressure points or a machine. This is an entirely sliding platform with a stationary foot bar, springs, and pulleys that provide resistance. The aim of both the concepts is to control instead of cranking out endless reps or muscle exhaustion.

 Do you think pilates is more than that these benefits? When you have yoga, Zumba, then what’s the need of doing pilates? is that necessary?

This form of workout comes with various and amazing health benefits. Yes, you heard that right.

1. It improves your posture:

Men and women who are suffering from back pain should give Pilates a chance because it improves your posture, strength, and flexibility. Hence, your body remains aligned. Through the brain-body association which is instructed in Pilates, you will turn out to be considerably more mindful of how your body moves and performs. Hence Pilates does not just improve your physical equalization through the right stance yet will likewise reestablish your brain-body balance.

2. It helps in toning your muscles

Toning is a very obvious fact that will happen slowly and slowly as you start doing exercises because while performing any sort of exercise apart from Pilates your muscles will get engaged and will turn up perfectly. This form of exercise is great for old people and those who like to remain calm and composed regularly because as you start aging, muscle tone starts disappearing lost with age and becomes inactive as well. 

3. Its easier to gain flat abdominal muscles through pilates.

People who are trying to achieve flat abdominal muscles for ages, but due to some reason they are not able to achieve it, for them, It’s the ultimate workout as it concentrates on strengthening your core including your abdominal muscles. Hence, you can achieve the flat stomach that you have been aiming for since you saw Jennifer Lopez’s flat stomach.

4. It makes you flexible.

Well, it’s difficult to regain the same amount of flexibility which you had when you were young but with Pilates it’s possible. This form of workout, though you can’t expect to be flexible as a gymnast in the first go. It will take time, but trust me, it’s worth investing your precious time. On the off chance that you’re a learner, you can begin with fundamental activities, and at that point, once you’ve aced those, you can take a shot at the further development moves. It’s a smart thought when you simply begin in Pilates to go to Pilates practice classes or have a private educator. Along these lines, the teacher can ensure that you are doing the activities effectively to maintain a strategic distance from any injury.

5. It helps in reducing stress.

Due to hectic work schedule stress has become part of your lifestyle. People have tried n number of ways to get rid of stress, but have you tried doing Pilates? This form of workout engrosses you at such a limit that you won’t be able to think about anything else. You will start focusing on your breathing and the moves due to which you start feeling more relaxed and relieved. 

Though its tremendous and comes with a #must do feature, that doesn’t mean it won’t have its limitations. People who are prone to unstable blood pressure, a herniated disk, an extreme level of osteoporosis, and risk of blood clots should stay away from it. Nothing is more important than your health.

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