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Spinning poi has been the most difficult flow toy for me to master. Artists make it look so easy, but as soon as I give it a go, the poi are flinging around and hitting my body and face. This flow toy takes a lot of practice to master, which leads me to give a great deal of respect to those who spin effortlessly.

When a poi ball hits you, it is very unpleasant. Every poi spinner knows this, so typically they give themselves plenty of room to flow. As a festival goer, if you see someone spinning poi, I highly recommend to keep a safe distance so you don’t end up getting hit. If you have the time and really want to delve into a flow toy, poi would be a great one to learn!

Hula Hoops

File:Folsom Hula Hoop.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Hula Hoops are by far my favorite flow toy! Most of us know how to hula hoop from our childhood, but so many different tricks can be created with a hoop. Seeing some of the tricks preformed will leave you in awe.

If you see an experienced hooper at a festival, it can be a bit intimidating. What’s so wonderful about the rave community is that you can walk up to a hooper and ask them to teach you a few tricks! Doing this will teach you new moves, and make the hooper who taught you feel wonderful about their skills! I’ve been hooping for a three years and I’ve learned all my tricks from friends at festivals. Acquiring new moves and new friends, what more could you want?

Pixel Whips

firecat7 | Raffi Asdourian | Flickr

Pixel whips may be the most beautiful light shows seen in a crowd. The lights wrapping around the body along with the elegant dance moves makes for an eye-catching performance. Pixel whips are also simple to learn so everyone can use it!

Although they are pretty, the whips do hurt if the flow artist unintentionally hits you with it in a crowd. With that in mind, if you decide to use a whip, be mindful of fellow ravers. If you feel you may be too close to others, simply back up to give yourself more room to flow.


@meeezyy on instagram

Flow wands were one of the last flow toys I discovered. The first time I saw one in action, I was so confused on how it worked because it looked as if the wand was floating around the artist. Later on at my campsite, one of my friends was playing with a wand, so I realized the artist holds onto wire that allows the wand to move around their body.

The simple flow wand tricks are quite easy to pick up, although, like all flow toys, the more advanced tricks take practice. I’ve heard from fellow ravers that at times it seems as if the wand is in control. At night, it creates an optical illusion that attracts the eye immediately, so if you want to mesmerize festival goers, the magic of the wand is right for you!


File:Gloving.jpg - Wikipedia

Gloving is one of the most common flow toys seen at festivals. These gloves are hypnotizing due to the stealthy movements of the artists hands. If you’re feeling tired at a festival and sit down for a bit, there’s a good chance a glover will come up to you and offer you a light show.

Receiving a light show is entertaining and relaxing amongst all the chaos of a festival. Giving a glove light show is actually much trickier than it looks. You have to move your hands and fingers in such a manner to create a show. After practicing gloving for awhile, you can expect to have sore hands and fingers.

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