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My Experience as a Raver Working in the EDM Industry

I started raving at 19 years old, and I absolutely fell in love with the music, the people, the lights, stages, artists… everything. When I was younger it was innocent fun, an adrenaline rush to be immersed in crowds, but as I’ve gotten older and begun to evolve more wholly as a person, my love for the industry has deepened. This has led me to pursue a career within the industry behind the scenes of the sound, most recently landing me at Forbidden Kingdom in Orlando, FL working within artist relations.


Q: How is it working at a Festival as a Raver? Can you party/have fun while working or do the two need to be separated?

A: Work hard, play hard right? In my opinion, there’s a fine line between working and partying. When I’m on shift, I am there to WORK! As someone who is driven to pursue a career in the industry, I am completely focused on my job. At the end of the day, we are the people making the festival run smoothly and that’s a large responsibility to undertake. I’ve gone to enough shows and festivals for fun and made so many incredible memories, but once I worked at a festival I fell in love with the change in atmosphere.

Q: Describe to us the highlights and pitfalls of working at a Festival? Do you experience any disorganization or unprofessionalism in the industry?

A: You gain SUCH respect for everyone in the industry when you work a festival yourself. I love working in artist relations, it was incredibly professional and I grew a lot as a human. The performers were SO humble. I gained such an appreciation for all the artists that performed at Forbidden Kingdom. The only downfall that might sway some is that we’re required to work LONG grueling hours… I’m talking 12-13 hour shifts, sometimes longer. But everyone I worked with was so amazing and truthfully, it didn’t feel like work at all.

Q: Overall what was your experience at Forbidden Kingdom like as a Festival and would you return?

A: While I’m not the biggest dubstep fan anymore, I thought the festival and its production were incredible. I love working festivals more now than I ever think I could just attending them. It’s crazy to see everything happen and how they run things. I’m obsessed with Insomniac and everyone involved in creating and producing these festivals.

Q: Do you have any advice for anyone seeking to pursue a career in the industry?

A: The best advice I could give to someone is to network and take any and every opportunity. Work your way up! I started as a promoter when I was in college, and I promoted for 6 different companies. I did this diligently for about 5 years and continue to do so because you never know what opportunities could come of it! I promote the shows on all my social platforms, create content while attending the shows, and while I’m not getting paid most of the time I’m attainting free tickets to shows and making a lot of connections.

If you aren’t a social person, networking might be difficult, and anxiety-inducing, but that’s how you GROW. Reach out to promotional companies and ask how you can get involved. Go to shows, and meet the club owners, fellow ravers, artists, and other promoters. Take any opportunity that presents itself and stay consistent with it. Believe in yourself and you WILL make it. Once you land one gig, it’ll grow exponentially, so even if you’re just a promoter, or volunteer for a festival, you can be sure you’re taking the right steps towards following your dreams. No one is going to believe in you like you do, keep pushing. 

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