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Before I define what a Rave Uncle (or Aunt) is, I will first explain what a Rave Dad (or Mom) is. Urban Dictionary defines a Rave Dad as:

A male raver who’s first nature is to protect their group or those who join. Making sure everyone is safe and accounted for no matter how hard they are going. Similar to a Rave Mom or Mother. Though unlike a Rave Daddy, Rave Dads don’t expect rewards for their help or care.

I consider myself to be a Rave Uncle and we usually stem from our original roles as Rave Dads and lower how much babysitting we actually do during the festival. A Rave Uncle will hold your things but will warn you that you might not see those things until the end of the festival, they will take care of their group before the rave, after the rave, but only during the rave if they are requested. Rave Uncles like to have as much fun as everyone else and would prefer to not have to take care of Rave Babies the entire time of the festival. As a Rave Uncle, I will make sure that the hotel has plenty of water and food. As the Rave Uncle, I will make sure we have transportation to and from the venue, that everyone has their ID, cell phones, chapstick, and gum… but once we all decide to get litty… we babysit no more. Think of the Rave Uncle as the Rave Dad that thinks all his friends are Rave Vets even if they aren’t.


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