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Rave Fashion: What Do I Wear and Where Do I Find It?

Rave fashion is a lot of fun and the number one rule is to enjoy the fun of putting your outfits together! Remember this is your choice since you’ll be the one wearing it. You will be loved and accepted no matter what you wear. The rave community is the most loving and accepting I have ever been a part of. Don’t stress on it too hard! No one is judging you. Everyone there just wants you to love yourself and enjoy your time. Now, I have a few tips and options for you to check out to guide you through the process.

Start by Researching

No matter what you do, you always start with research. Check out rave fashion by looking at websites, Instagram, Facebook, Google, etc. What types of outfits do you like? What colors? How much skin do you want to show? Just look and get a feel of what speaks to you. Also, set a budget. Please remember that rave outfits and accessories can be on the cheaper end or you can make your outfits for a fraction of the price. There are gorgeous expensive options too! Set a budget and go from there. Youtube is also an amazing tool that you can use for your research! Check out raver fashions, clips from raves and festivals, and rave influencers.

Ask Someone

Go ahead and reach out for help! The rave community is friendly and always around to help anyone new to the scene. Even if you aren’t new and just need opinions, we are here! Reach out on social media for sure. If you have friends in the scene then ask them for help. Your rave fam is also always a good option if you already have one or just joined one.

Shop Great Websites

There are SO many amazing raver websites out there with tons of clothes/accessories/products. I’m going to name four of my favorites but definitely take it upon yourself to search as well. This is only a few of mine and I have hundreds saved in my favorites now. You’ll find your own personal favorites to add to my list!

My first favorite will always be iHeartRaves. They have so many choices available from cheaper priced options to more expensive. Everything is extremely cute and they cater to all body types. Being a curvier raver myself, that is exactly what hooked me from the start. They offer very flattering options for every beautiful body out there because every body is just that, beautiful!

Rave Wonderland is also a favorite of mine. They always have decently priced items with a ton of options. There is usually a sale going on as well so take advantage of that!

Dolls Kill is a guilty pleasure of mine for fashion as well. They have some really quirky items and I just LOVE that about them. You’ll be able to find something great for sure to make you stand out!

My last suggestion (like I said though, there are MANY amazing ones) is Freedom Rave Wear. Their options are so rad and their customer service is spectacular. Check them out and go from there!

Last Thing: Have Confidence

Remember, I cannot tell you what to wear. You have to pick for yourself. Pick what you’re comfortable in. What did I do? I picked things that were very comfortable for me. Then I went a little more daring and then really daring. It was a process and it’s ok if it’s like that for you too! So go ahead and look around, find pieces you love, mix and match, and have confidence in yourself. Remember, you’re beautiful. Your body is beautiful and you are loved for who you are. Have fun exploring your next outfit! You’ll look stunning!

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