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Festival Apps: The Top 3 You Should Know About

Sometimes festivals can be a challenge, especially when you are a newbie at EDM music festivals! I know when I first started going to festivals, it was a bit overwhelming and I didn’t know what to expect, nor was I prepared. I was overpacked, I got a little anxious from the giant crowds, I got lost and overall I just didn’t know what to expect. I found some helpful apps that can be very useful and easy to use, that will help to prepare you and make it easier for you to enjoy your festival experience.

EDM Train

EDMtrain was one of the first festival apps I ever downloaded. I find this app super helpful and easy to use. I personally love this app because it tells you when and where upcoming shows are near you. And it also tells you when and where most EDM festivals are in the United States. What I enjoy about this app, is that it gives you the option to click on a specific show or festival and the app provides even more information including the event website, location, time, a venue map, SoundCloud links to the specific artists, and links to buy your ticket for a cheap price! I use this app VERY often to see when my favorite artists will be popping up in cities near me.

Tent Finder 

So this is a new app to me. I have not used this app before but I plan on using it this year at festivals and shows for sure. This app is created to specifically help you find your tent! Most importantly, this app is free. I cannot tell you how many times my group and I have left the campsite to go into the venue and to come back later that night after the music has ended, to be wandering around aimlessly looking for our campsite. It is a struggle when it’s dark, and everything looks the same with thousands of tents lined up. Not only does this app help you find your tent, but it can also help you find your car, restrooms near you and your friends! How this app works: once you have your campsite set up, you will go on the app and mark your location using GPS (does not need network coverage), saving the location, allowing you to wander off but still find your tent again. The app features a compass, which easily helps/points you in the right direction. Literally. This works in the same way when you need help finding your friends. You can also add a picture of your campsite for even more help.


This one caught my attention years ago and has been an absolutely game changer for ravers everywhere. Think Tinder meets EDM Train meets Facebook  for music festivals. On here you can connect with other people going to specific festivals, of same and opposite sex! You can also create groups, post on the wall for the festival page just like facebook, and people even use it to sell tickets.

Radiate is really a great community of EDM lovers and I would suggest anyone download the app from the app store.

Festival Specific Apps

Fortunately, lots a festivals have their own apps! Which is very helpful, especially if it is your first time at this specific festival. I’m going to use the Lost Lands Festival app as an example. This app, like many festival apps, provides you with lots of information about the festival. It is essential for staying up to date. You can register your wristband on the Lost Lands App, allowing you to become eligible for giveaways and much more. The app also allows you to create your own schedule so you can organize and make sure you see the artists and sets you want to see. You can also set alerts on the app to make sure you don’t miss your favorite artists. The app is also great with keeping you up to date with any news about the festival.  You can receive notifications about meet ups, contests and festival updates. The app also has a map, which is super ha day when it comes to navigating around the festival and campsites.  You can also find information about the food, vendors, water stations and restrooms. Not every festival app will be the same,  but most are similar and still very helpful.  I Always suggest getting the festival app to whatever festival you go to. Many of these apps will be super helpful for anyone, whether you’re a first timer or a festival pro.

Do you have any other festival apps that you love? Share them in the Comments!

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