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Which Music Festival is Perfect For You

Whether you are a music festival novice, or a seasoned veteran, certain factors go into figuring out what music festival best suits you personally. Of course, experiencing them for yourself helps you to narrow down what you want in a festival, but if you don’t have the time and money to attend every festival that comes around, you can analyze your responses to a few key questions.

1: Are you comfortable camping?

Festivals can be categorized in two different ways, camping festivals and city festivals. Camping festivals require you to come prepared to live on the festival grounds for a few days. It tends to work out better to attend these with a big group so everyone can contribute to the campsite. Everyone needs food and shelter, but speakers, tapestries, and lights really make your campground home. Another thing about camping festivals, showers are few and far between. If you have a problem being dirty and grimy for a few days, this might not be for you. As well as the lack of shower access, the sleeping arrangements are not glamorous either. Personally, I love camping festivals because you really become one with mother nature, and are constantly surrounded by festival goers!

2: Are able to travel?

For many people, so much money is spent on the festival alone, long distance travel may not be possible, and that is ok! There are local music festivals all over the nation. When I lived in Florida, great Florida local festivals include EDCO, SMF, Zen Awakening, and Ultra.

I lived all around Florida and had no problems attending any of these festivals, and they’re all so much fun. Here in San Diego, great festivals include CRSSD, Nocturnal Wonderland, Beyond wonderland, and HARD summer. For your specific needs you may have to do some research on what fun festivals are local to you!

3: Do you want art involved rather than just music?

Although we are discussing music festivals, many music festivals implement art within them. Festivals like Okeechobee and Electric Forest have a beautiful section dedicated just to art. You’ll often see free hand paintings, interactive art, and big displays of words and designs. For me, I absolutely love the artsy part of festivals, it makes the festival feel whole. For others, they only go to a festival for the music, so if you are one of these people, art won’t be a necessity whilst making your decision.

After reading this, really think about what works for you and what you really crave from a music festival. Whichever festival you choose, it will be amazing because it is your time to be free, pure, and happy!

All the love~ Leela

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