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Are You A Rave Mom? Let’s Find Out!

rave mom is someone who takes care of all her little rave babies (aka her squad). She makes sure everyone is having fun, has a place to sleep, gets their water intake, isn’t tripping too hard, or getting too intoxicated. This is the definition Urban Dictionary provides us. Does that sound familiar? Then you may be the rave mom! I know I am!

1. You Probably Check On Everyone Frequently.

Ok, So I’m totally a rave mom! This is such a huge habit of mine. I will constantly check on you to make sure you’re ok. If you’re like me, you’re counting your squad to make sure they’re all there at all times. No one is trying to lose a member of their family!

2. You Make Sure Everyone Has A Spot To Sleep.

You probably even walk everyone back to their campsite or where they are being picked up. Rave moms always make sure their babies have a place to go at the end of the night. If they don’t? Guess what? You’re staying with mama!!

3. You Become The “Hype Man” For The Group.

Are you the one walking around and getting everyone excited?! Are you the one walking around to make sure that your group is having the best time ever?! Well, congrats because you’re the official hype man then! Checking on your fam frequently is a sure sign of being the mom in the group.

4. You’re Probably Shoving Water Down Everyone’s Throats.

Yep, you are now the water god! I refill my hydration pack about a million times at every festival because not only am I drinking it like crazy but I’m also shoving the spout into everyone’s mouth to make them drink! They may get irritated at first but you’re helping your fam more than they know at the moment. They will thank you later, promise. Water is SO IMPORTANT and it seriously matters to stay hydrated at every event. I cannot express that enough! Check out this article to fully understand dehydration and how to combat it correctly.

5. You’re Checking On Your Intoxicated Fam Like Clockwork.

Look, we all know what goes on. People drink and partake in party favors…it’s expected. Rave moms will always be checking to make sure that these friends are safe, not sick, are taking it easy if they need to rest, and not overdoing it completely. We will also make sure you have everything you need from food, to water, to a nap, to even a nifty light show!

Did these 5 things apply to you? Well, guess what that means? Welcome to motherhood haha! As a seasoned rave mom, I can tell you, it’s not a job to take lightly. It’s not a job for the weak either lol. You may be wiping vomit, helping your buds go to the bathroom, cleaning someone up from spills or mud, etc. You may be the only sober one and trust me, that isn’t easy! It is, however, very necessary and gratifying. Please make sure you ALWAYS have a mom in your group. This person is your caretaker, decision-maker, organizer, and sometimes even your savior when things get a little crazy but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Seriously! Rave safe everyone! Remember to give a little extra love to your moms! We love you and will always protect you out there!

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