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Complete Guide to EDM Rave Scene: San Diego

Vibes of each venue


Artist’s that i’ve seen at Omnia never disappoint. From Two Friends to Illenium, the music is always substantial. What makes Omnia different from the rest is that it is a considerably fancy nightclub. The first time I saw a show there I didn’t realize this and went dressed in crazy colors. I come to find out the style trend there is heels and tight dresses.

After that experience, I started going in cute high heel boots, tight skirts, and crop tops. I always feel ridiculously sexy when I go considering I hardly dress up in that way! Wearing heels can make it more difficult to dance, if you don’t want to deal with adjusting your dance moves, I’d recommend wearing closed toed shoes like boots or sneakers.


Some of my favorite Dj’s come to Bassmnt. Including Blunts & Blondes, Subtronics, Borgore, LSDREAM, Wax Motif, and so many more. If you’re looking for consistent great music, this is the place to go.

The cons of Bassmnt is that the venue is 18+, so If you want to buy yourself a cocktail you have to leave the dance floor, go to the bar, and finish your drink at the bar before going back onto the dance floor. Personally, this doesn’t bother me because you can still hear the music from the side bar.

When it comes to fashion at Bassmnt, I typically wear a trippy crop top, long pants, and combat boots so I can dance hard. I’ve seen raver girls wearing anything from full blown rave attire, to nightclub clothes, so whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident, go with that!

Pechanga Arena (Sports Arena)

Pechanga Arena has to be my favorite venue in San Diego. Pechanga has great production quality and bigger artist preform there including, San Holo, Rezz, Ekali, and so many more. The arena is interesting because you have the option to sit in the stands, or go into the pit to dance. I absolutely love this aspect because if you need to rest, you can still watch the show, and even dance above the bleachers.

Pechanga holds larger events including OMFG, LED Anniversary, and Tramps Like Us. When these events occur, the energy turns to a full blown festival! They have the main acts performing in the arena, and a side stage called “Soma” where you can go and chill out. Soma is decorated with black lights, soft couches, and techno music, so when you crave a change in scenery, walk over to Soma!

When it comes to fashion at Pechanga, everyone, including myself, go all out! Full glam, glitter, rave clothes, and platforms. The venue really is the epitome of PLUR. I’ve met the most authentic souls wandering around the arena.


Spin nightclub is unique in San Diego because it is open until 4am. If you’re not ready for the party to stop at 2am, grab a cab over to spin and keep on dancing! Another unique aspect of Spin, is that they serve spiked seltzer rather than just beer and cocktails. I know many people love their spiked seltzers, including myself! Great artist play at Spin, including Joyryde and Will Clarke. Whether you start your night off there or arrive after 2am, there will constantly be great music.

Something everyone needs to know about Spin is that often online Spin states that their tickets are sold out, this is not always true! After falling victim of buying more expensive tickets second hand, we spoke to a worker who told us they always have face value tickets at the door. If you want to see a Dj at Spin, and the tickets are sold out online, arrive at spin before 11pm and you should be able to get tickets for face value.

Whether you’re visiting San Diego, or living in San Diego, you will always be able to find great music and ambiance to create an unforgettable night!