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For Prepping and Reminiscing


If you are planning to attend your first rave and hoping everything will be perfect, the great thing about this community is that if you are completely in the moment absorbing all that is around you, it will be perfect. The element of surprise and thrills that will be experienced whilst frolicking around the festival grounds will bring up emotions you didn’t realize existed within you.

Of course, if you are new to the rave community, there are still things you have to be weary of. It is very important to look after not only your own health, but the people around you as well. No Dj, lightshow, or experience is worth somebody’s life. So if you feel sick, or see someone who is struggling, do not hesitate to go to the medical tent. It might seem scary in the moment, but they are there to help you.

Be sure to bring some sort of hydration backpack, a jacket or pashmina to keep you warm at night, and plenty of sunscreen to keep you covered during the day.

File:Ravers - candy girls (1309772495).jpg
Early 2000’s Raver Girls


For those of you who had a flashback to their first rave when seeing “First Rave Ever”, I am right there with you! Not knowing what to expect, filled with butterflies, and pumped to have a good time, how exhilarating! Everyone I know has their own unique stories about their first rave, and they are all equally as fun and wild!

Zen Awakening 2016

For me, I had no idea what I was doing. I bought a ticket to Zen Awakening music festival 2016 with a few friends a week before the event took place. This is a 3 day camping festival, and when we arrived and brought out our “camping gear”, we realized our tent was meant for a child! We laughed it off and decided to just go with the flow. Not knowing much about cars, I left my trunk open for hours causing my car’s battery to die. At this point, its 4 am and my buddy and I were filthy and ready to leave. We wandered around the whole festival asking for a jump when finally a kind soul helped us out. We got my car started and left the premises after 18 hours. We were clearly novice ravers, but I wouldn’t change that experience for anything!

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