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In Defense Of Bad Dancing

Why You Don’t Need to be Self-Conscious on the Dance Floor O.K., so you can’t quite tear it up on


7 Festival Hacks

Festivals are tough. Multiple days of dancing can really take a toll on your body. Then add camping into the


5 Tips For Getting To The Front

By: Amanda Cosenza Face it, nothing beats the front row for your favorite artist. There is just something different about

Rave Fashion

5 Easy Last-Minute EDM Halloween Costumes

By: Elyza Castillo October is finally here and that means one thing… it’s almost Halloween! If you’re anything like me you love a


Three International Electronic Music Labels You Need to Know About It

So here in North America, we can end up a little focused on what our artists have to offer. Hey, we live in the birthplace of house music after all, there are plenty of great DJs and producers to be found locally. That said, electronic music is a truly global phenomenon, and there are some spectacular sounds out there, especially if you’re willing to look farther afield than some of the Western European tunes that can end up on our radar. Check out some of the music coming out of these three international labels, I can promise you won’t regret it.

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How to Stay Hydrated at a Festival

What does it mean to be dehydrated? Dehydration is a sneaky issue and can happen before you feel the side

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