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How different are they?


Most of us have attended at least one concert in our lives. Typically, concerts consist of one stage with seats and/or general admission. The lineup is made up of one or two performers prior to the main act. After the show is completed, the event is over. Concerts are great if you don’t have the time to dedicate your entire weekend to an event, or if the performers are some of your favorite artists. If you love music as much as many of us in the rave community, concerts are a nice way to get your music fix in between festivals.


For someone who has been to a concert but never a festival, you can imagine it as multiple concerts going on in one setting. Festivals can be broken down into two categories, camping festivals and city festivals.

Camping Festivals

At a camping festival, you arrive on either a Thursday or Friday, set up your camp, and walk from the campsites to the event. Camping festivals are difficult to understand until you’ve experienced one. You make a home at your campsite, and live at the festival for a few days. Camping festivals remove you from society and provide a utopia-like living situation. Everyone there is your new best friend, and everyone there is looking after one another. Examples of camping festivals include Electric Forest Festival and Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival.

City Festivals

At a city festival, you attend the festival typically from 12pm to 12am, then return to lodging outside the venue. If you’re not ready for the party to end at midnight, there are plenty of after parties that occur around the city! If you plan on attending the festival and going out afterwards, it’s important to arrive at the festival fully prepared. Crucial items include a hydration pack, sunscreen, and warm clothes if the temperature is predicted to drop. Some of the most extravagant festivals are city festivals, including Ultra Music Festival and EDC.

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