5 Tips For Getting To The Front

By: Amanda Cosenza

Face it, nothing beats the front row for your favorite artist. There is just something different about the energy up at the front of a show. However, getting there is no easy task. Front row at a rave is not given, it is earned. Here are some tips to help you get the coveted spot!

  1. Get there early. I am talking like right when gates open. Take a note from Bassnectar fans who camped out all day at Middlelands. Be smart, pack lots of water and sun protection!
  2. Go from the sides. Choose the path of least resistance. It is going to be much easier to go out then up, than to try to charge right down the middle.
  3. Be Nice. Fan your way through. Bring a spray bottle with water and spritz people. Say “Excuse Me” “Thank You”. Breeze on by everyone with your good deeds.
  4. Claim you lost your friends. Politely plead with those in front of you that your friends are at the front and you need to find them. Usually, if you are solo people will have no problem letting you through.
  5. Crowd Surf. Have your friends hoist you into the air and pray that the crowd surfs you to the front. In this instance, some sort of inflatable may be beneficial to ride on as well.

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