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Top 10 Highest Paid DJs in 2020

Here are our top-ranked DJs as of right now! This researched list is made by using pretax earnings. It does not deduct fees for lawyers, agents, and managers. Let’s see how our favorites rank in earnings!

10. Armin van Buuren ($15 million)

  • Well, of course, he’s on the list! Armin Jozef Jacobus Daniël van Buuren has been in the DJ game since 1996. He knows exactly what he’s doing and does it well! The 43-year-old DJ from the Netherlands has been awarded many different awards over the years as well as being ranked as the number one top DJ by DJ Mag a record of five times!   “I’m not saying, I’m not sorry. Just looking for another you.”

9. Zedd ($17 million)

  • Ok, Zedd, we see you! Anton Igorevich Zaslavski is a 30-year-old Russian-German DJ, producer, songwriter, and singer. He has been on the scene since 2002 officially and just can’t seem to produce anything but hits. His work with quite a few top artists has really pushed him up the list dramatically over the year as well.   “If our love is tragedy why are you my remedy. If our love’s insanity why are you my clarity.”

8. David Guetta ($18 million)

  • Pierre David Guetta is a highly-talented,  52-year-old DJ from France that has been on his game since 1986! He has sold over nine million albums and thirty million singles worldwide. Can we get a quick “wow” out loud, everyone!? David is a legend in the community and many have even dubbed him the “grandfather of EDM.”   “I’m bulletproof, nothing to lose. Fire away, fire away.”

7. Martin Garrix ($19 million)

  • Martijn Gerard Garritsen is a young (23 years old) DJ from the Netherlands but don’t let the age fool you! Martin is a talent to be reckoned with.  He had his start in 2012 and has been making big things happen ever since. In Fact, he was the youngest DJ to headline at Ultra Music Festival 2014 at 17 years old!   “In the darkness, in the middle of the night. In the silence, when there’s no one by your side. Would you call in the name of love?”

6. Tiësto ($24 million)

  • At 51 years old, Tijs Michiel Verwest is a legendary DJ from the Netherlands.  In 2013, he was voted by DJ Mag readers as the “best DJ of the last 20 years”. He is also regarded as the “Godfather of EDM” by many sources. With his hit mixes, he was sure to top the ranks!   “Always, love you all through the night and. Be there when the sun is rising. Oh, you’ll always be my ritual.”

5. Diplo ($25 million)

  • Thomas Wesley Pentz is from Tupelo, Mississippi and this small-town boy knows how to wreck shop! At 41 years old, he has worked with more A-List celebrities than most including; Gwen Stefani, Britney Spears, Snoop Dogg, Beyonce, Usher, Justin Beiber, Sia, etc! You go, Diplo! Well deserved.   “I am walking down that road. Where did all the flowers go? They say we’re supposed to grow, learning from the highs and low.”

4. Steve Aoki ($30 million)

  • Steven Hiroyuki Aoki hails from Miami, Florida and has collaborated with artists such as, LMFAO, Iggy Azalea, Lil Jon, blink-182, Monsta X, Backstreet Boys, and many more. He is very well known for killer remixes of artists such as Kid Cudi. Constantly topping the charts, this 42-year-old DJ is a Grammy-nominated champion!   “What do you do when a chapter ends?‬ Do you close the book and never read it again?‬”

3. Calvin Harris ($38.5 million)

  • Oh, Calvin (Adam Richard Wiles)! After 6 years of being number one on this list…he has been dethroned. Whoa! Still, number three isn’t bad at all for this 36-year-old DJ from Scotland.  His accolades are countless but do include things like Billboard Top Charts Awards and 2015 Glamour UK’s Man of the Year.  In October 2014, he became the first artist to place three songs simultaneously on the top 10 of Billboard’s Dance/Electronic Songs chart.   “I wear my heart upon my sleeve, like a big deal. Your love bows down, I mean surround me like a waterfall. And there’s no stopping us right now, I feel so close to you right now.”

2. Marshmello ($40 million)

  • This crazy-headgear wearing DJ from Pennsylvania is known for incredible remixes and tons of hits that can’t stay off the top of the charts. Christopher Comstock has worked with many talented artists like Anne-Marie and Bastille. His single “Silence” in collaboration with American R&B singer, Khalid, was certified platinum and multi-platinum in eight countries! The 27-year-old is a bit mystery, a bit silly, and a whole lot of talent that people just can’t get enough of.   “I found peace in your violence, can’t show me there’s no point in trying. I’m at one, and I’ve been quiet for too long.”

1. The Chainsmokers ($46 million)

  • Topping the charts at number 1, we have The Chainsmokers! Alexander “Alex” Pall (34 years old) and Andrew “Drew” Taggart (30 years old) are a DJ duo from New York that started out by remixing Indie songs! The two have really graduated from their beginnings to becoming the top-paid DJ’s out there! With a whole list of awards, these two guys really know how to stand out and make huge waves in the EDM world as top requested artists.   “I know it breaks your heart, moved to the city in a broke down car and four years, no call. Now I’m looking pretty in a hotel bar.”