How to Spot a Chad

For those of you wondering, "Who is this Chad person?" or "What IS a Chad?"... Well, you are about to find out.

Kennedy Emmert

What is a Chad?

Let’s start off by answering the obvious question of “What is a Chad?” According to Urban Dictionary, a Chad is a phrase describing a stereotypical young urban white male, typically single and in his 20’s. This phrase is usually used to denote stereotypical “Chad” behavior which is usually derogatory. No matter what festival you attend, there will always be a few Chads roaming around. Unfortunately, you will have a run it with a Chad at some point in your festival going experience.

My personal experience with a Chad

Personally, I have had quite a few encounters with Chads over the past few years of attending festivals. And 90% of the encounters I have had personally were unfortunate. I can recall one time at Lost Lands 2019, I was with my Rave family watching and vibing to the ‘Said the Sky’ set and a very intoxicated Chad was running around like a lunatic, trying to start a mosh pit during a set you definitely do not mosh to and plowed me over. I fell to the ground and had dirt/dust all over me. He ran off without apologizing or offering to help me back up. My friends were thankfully there and helped me back up and were very upset with what had happened. I didn’t get too upset over the situation. I would expect nothing less from a Chad and this is something that happens quite often actually. This is just one of many experiences I have had with a Chad.

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What does a Chad typically look like?

Chads are depicted as muscular with a very pronounced crotch bulge. Clothing usually consisting of some sort of tight shorts contouring their massive thighs and exposing their chicken calves or basic pants. Chads can be seen wearing a man tank that shows off their arm and chest muscles, some sort of floral/basic button up, (usually unbuttoned) or they will be completely shirtless so they can flaunt their washboard abs and huge biceps. A chad often has some sort of tribal tattoo on their arm/chest area or a religious quote from the bible on their rib cage. Chads also wear a basic sporty shoe, such as Nike or Adidas. A Chad will have his hair caked in hair product and formed a messy, effortless look. But do not be deceived, they spent at least 20 minutes in front of the mirror making sure they look their best. Chads will often be wearing sunglasses (a.k.a hater shades), to block out all the haters. 

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Chads often do things that are easy to spot and recognize. When a Chad meets up with their friends they will often fist bump each other and call each other “Bro” a lot. A Chad is very good at getting through a crowded area at a festival simply because they do not say excuse me and don’t even acknowledge that fact that they are very rude and run people over or push people out of the way to get to where they are going. You will often see Chads shot gunning beers or white claws obnoxiously and flexing their muscles after throwing empty can to the ground. A Chad can be pretty easy to spot at a festival if you know what you are looking for. Most of the time you aren’t looking for Chads at a festival, but a Chad will make sure they make themselves known.

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I have one tip for anyone who comes in contact with a Chad… It may not be the most pleasant experience and it may throw off the vibes you get from the festival and everyone else at the festival, but if you stay positive and plur, a Chad can’t ruin your time at a fest. (Plur, stand for, peace, love, unity and respect). Sometimes it is very hard to stay plur during situations at a festival where you are used to meeting the nicest and most positive people. But choosing to be plur and to not give the negative people a reaction like they want you to is the best way to handle any situation. That is the thing with festivals, you meet so many different types of people and some aren’t exactly what you are expecting but that is who they are. Festivals are a place of no judgement and no hate. they are a place love and acceptance. So, even after reading what a chad is or personally having an encounter with a Chad, still choose plur. Choose peace. Choose love. Choose unity. And choose respect.

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