Virtual Raves & EDM Festivals 2020: EDM Quarantine 2020

Raves are the most fun when we're with a huge crowd, dancing and vibing together, we know! Now, what if you take that same concept and instead make it virtual? That's where the virtual rave is born. All the fun without leaving your home. What do you do to enjoy the event? Let's check it out.

Missing out on a rave is truly sad news in the heart of a raver. Let’s face it, FOMO absolutely will hit you and it’s such a bummer. Whether you’re missing out because of an illness, surgery, cost, travel, or worldwide quarantine…it’s a lonely feeling! You start to miss the rave scene badly. Now, what if I told you that you could still enjoy the fun without being there? What if I told you that you could enjoy the rave in the comfort of your own home? Well, now you can! A virtual rave is a perfect way to do this! Virtual raves may seem weird at first but I promise they really are worth it. You still get to enjoy the music, culture, family feeling, etc. You just get to do it in your PJs if you want! I just recently participated in Beyond Wonderland’s Virtual Rave-a-Thon and was totally blown away! It was more fun than I could have ever imagined and I learned a lot of tidbits to share with you on how to get involved and enjoy these too! Do you have to take my advice? No way! You can totally just watch, sit in bed, and chill. Should you take my advice and amp up your fun? I vote yes! It’s good for your mental health!

Get Your Space Ready

So you’ve decided you’re going to participate….good deal! Now what? Well, get your aesthetics in gear. Let’s make the space that you’re going to be using extra fun and pleasing. Give yourself a small dance space! You may feel the need to get up and dance. I know I do! Also, grab some water (rules still apply…hydrate!) and any other snacks that make you happy. Do you have glow sticks? Glitter? Leftover fun stuff from your last rave? Use it! Set up some lights! The time is now! Enjoy it. Go all out!

Check Your Connection.

Huge one! Be sure that whatever you’re using to stream has a good connection. You can stream live on your phone, smart tv, or computer. My choice is my smart tv because I like to have my phone available for Instagram, tagging, texting, and Facetime! You decide what’s best for you and roll with it.

Get Dressed!

If you want to wear your pajamas then that’s great! Do you! I personally suggest getting ready instead. Go all out and dress like you were physically going. Not only will it make you feel really good but it will also get you excited for the event! Plus, hello photo ops! You can take your pictures to post on social media or send them to friends to show how much fun you’re having. I mean, who doesn’t love taking rave pictures!?

Get Involved.

Start tweeting, shout it out on Instagram, live stream on Facebook, or whatever you have to do to get excited. This will help you to connect with other virtual ravers too. Who knows, you may just find your virtual rave fam for life by doing this very simple step.

Skype, Facetime, or Live Stream.

Call your friends up!! Dance together! It’s almost as good as being together in the flesh, guys. Get a video call going with a few friends and enjoy time together. Even when we cannot physically touch, we can still enjoy each other’s company. Technology is such a great thing…use it!

Last but Not Least, HAVE FUN! 

Enjoy yourself! You’re home and you get to rave. It couldn’t be any better! You also don’t have to worry about driving home after the fun haha. You’re about to enjoy a lot of DJs that you already love and some that you’ve never seen before so enjoy the discovery. Loosen up. Dance it out. Relax!

Remember, this is what you make it. Put in the extra effort and it’s going to be a really great, feel-good event. You’re going to have the time of your life still and in the comfort of your own home. I would absolutely participate again and I hope to see you all online next time. Shout me out so we can connect! Have fun ravers and please stay safe!

The virtual rave from Beyond Wonderland is still available to stream. It will not be live but that’s ok! Go check it out here now!

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