6 Key To Staying Hydrated While Raving

By Natalie Gendelman

There are two things that every rave babe, space cadet, moon child, and rage enthusiast have in common. The first is the definite and undeniable desire to boogie down till sunrise. The second is that we all need a certain common element to do so. When the music finds its way inside of us during a show and the boogie won’t quit for sh*t, mother earth’s specialty, water, becomes a vital necessity. Vigorous dancing, laughing, headbanging, and moshing can quickly drain us of this essential and in order to continue raging, we should take some simple health precautions into account. Here’s a few tips on how to stay hydrated, safe, and cool during raves and festivals.

  1. Come hydrated, leave happy. Drink a good amount of water prior to the show. This will not only prevent you from quickly becoming dehydrated early on in the night, but will also give your body that extra vitality you’ll need to keep dancing the night away.
  2. Stock up on electrolytes! They’ll help your body retain that water throughout the night. This means more hydration, less bathroom breaks, and more energy to boogie down.
  1. Bring a Hydration Pack. This is a lightweight backpack that is made specifically for containing water. These nifty little backpacks are perfect for raves and festivals, giving you hands-free access to water at any point during the show. Note: empty your pack prior to entry. For security reasons, staff will ask you to empty it upon arrival. Most venues offer free drinking fountains so you can fill up once you’re inside.
  2. Reusable water bottles are always a good idea. Buying water from vendors can get pretty pricey sometimes, but if you do you choose to buy water bottles at a show, refilling them at water fountains is always a great option. Not only will it save you some extra cash, but it is also less wasteful on the environment.
  3. Remember that alcohol dehydrates the body. Alternate between drinking booze and water. This will keep you hydrated and help you monitor your alcohol intake throughout the night. It will also help you save a few extra dollars.
  4. Do not accept drinks from anyone other than the bar staff. Whether it’s water or alcohol, gifted drinks or ones that are left unattended should not be consumed.

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