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Rave Doctor is the most trusted health supplement in the EDM industry. It combines powerful antioxidants and a unique serotonin complex to create the ideal PRE and POST rave supplement.

  • Up to 8x Faster Recovery

  • No More Post-Party Fog

  • Enhanced Mood

  • Better Sleep Cycle

  • Immune-Boosting

  • Powerful Antioxidants

  • Serotonin Complex

  • Natural Ingredients

  • Safe, Non-Stimulating

  • GMP Certified Facility


Why does it work so well?

Here is the idea. You start taking the supplement two days before the event. During this time, you are pumping your body full of antioxidants and neuro-protectants. By the day of the event, your brain is prepared to counteract the dangerous free radicals that are produced. After, your brain has been drained of its precious serotonin, this causes depression, fatigue, etc. Rave Doctor provides the best serotonin precursor as well as all of the cofactors required for its synthesis.

Doctor Formulated

Rave Doctor is the ONLY Rave Supplement Formulated by Medical Professionals. Vigorous research has gone into creating the ideal Pre and Post rave supplement. Each ingredient in the formula has been scientifically proven to work.

Serotonin Complex

Our unique serotonin complex is essential for post-festival recovery. 5-HTP is the direct precursor to serotonin. Given alone, it cannot exert its full effect. We pair it with Vitamin B6, a necessary cofactor in serotonin synthesis. In addition, we use Green Tea Extract (EGGG) acts as a dopamine decarboxylase inhibitor (DDC). This prevents 5-HTP from being converted into serotonin before it can reach your brain, where it is needed.

Antioxidant Blend

Our powerful antioxidant blend provides complete neuron protection from free radicals. Alpha Lipoic Acid, L-Carnitine, and CoQ-10 easily cross the blood-brain barrier to protect your brain cells from damage. Vitamin C and Vitamin E are powerful antioxidants that also support mood, muscle, and cardiovascular health. Grape Seed Extract is a unique source of flavonoids, a molecule that is extremely neuroprotective.

Powerful Neuro Protection

Our formula contains an advanced blend of antioxidants that cross your blood-brain barrier in order to maximize defense against neuron-toxic free radicals. Unique 5-HTP Recovery Complex – Our formula contains a strategic blend of 5-HTP, Vitamin B6, and EGCG in order to maximize serotonin synthesis in the central nervous system. These ingredients must be used together for a lightning fast recovery.

5-HTP (Hydroxytryptophan) 

  • Enhances mood, promotes normal sleep, reduces depression and anxiety

  • The direct precursor to serotonin

Alpha-Lipoic Acid

  • “Universal Antioxidant” (both fat and water-soluble) that is readily transported to the brain

  • Can help regenerate other antioxidants (Vit C, Vit E, and glutathione)

Coenzyme Q-10

  • Improves energy production in cells to promote healthy brain activity

  • Potent antioxidant – reduces neurotoxicity


  • Protects neurons from oxidative damage

  • Enhances brain cell activity

  • Promotes positive mood and heightened brain function

  • Aids in recovery by moderating tissue damage

Green Tea Extract (50% EGCG)

  • Powerful antioxidant – reduces free radical damage

  • Helps counteract vasopressin (ADH) release, which causes urinary retention

  • Acts as L-Amino Acid Decarboxylase Inhibitor – Prevents 5-HTP from being converted into serotonin before it reaches the brain

Grape Seed Extract

  • High in Vitamin E – deficiency has been shown to increase the severity neurotoxicity

  • High in flavonoids – potent antioxidants that protect against lipid oxidation

Magnesium Citrate

  • Natural muscle relaxant – Relieves jaw clenching, lip biting, etc.

  • Neuroprotective against fatigue and cell damage (Excitotoxicity)

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)

  • Essential in the body’s ability to produce energy and maintain healthy organ function

  • Deficiency may lead to severe fatigue and organ dysfunction

Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)

  • Cofactor in the conversion of 5-HTP to serotonin

  • Improves dopamine levels

  • Promotes healthy immune function

Vitamin B12 (Cobalbumin)

  • Essential in DNA methylation (synthesis) for energy metabolism

  • Aids in recovery

Vitamin E (d-alpha Tocopheryl)

  • Powerful antioxidant – specifically for the protection of cell membranes

  • Fat-soluble vitamin – can readily enter the brain

  • Supports healthy immune function

  • Maintains heart, muscle, and nerve health

Vitamin D3

  • New research suggests that Vitamin D activates the genes for serotonin production

  • Critical for bone and muscle health

  • One of the most common vitamin deficiencies

Vitamin C

  • Potent antioxidant

  • Known to aid in preventing viral illness

All-In-One Premier Festival Supplement

Rave Doctor Combines 13 Essential Ingredients Into 1 Formula To Save You Time And Money

 In-store Total Cost $198.99

 Doctors Formulated

Award Winning

Scientifically Tested

Made In The USA


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