Top 5 Festival Fashion Donts

You've read all about the fashion do's, now find out about the fashion don't. See how you can better prepare for this festival season!

One of the beautiful things about rave and festival culture is that everyone is embraced with love and acceptance no matter what. In many events or social situations, there is a guideline of what you should or should not wear, which can be relaxed or strictly enforced. Most festivals don’t have much of a dress code other than what is considered indecent exposure by the law. This allows you to express yourself freely and exhibit your creativity with virtually no boundaries. I believe this is why there is no “Festival Fashion Don’ts” list out there. I’m here to give you that list. Are you ready? Let’s do it. (or not)

  • Don’t wear platforms or shoes that are brand new or have not been broken in. Often times, we buy a cute new pair of boots or shoes to go with our outfit. What you may forget to do is break them in BEFORE you wear them to a festival. Blister city: population—you. Please wear them around your house for at least a week, I’d say even 2, to break them in. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself heading to the medical tent for band-aids and in excruciating pain by the end of the night and that long walk back to your car. This can ruin your weekend if it’s a multi-day festival and you’re on day one or two. Wear comfortable, breathable socks with them and ensure you are comfortable
  • Don’t, not consider how you will use the restroom if your outfit is intricate or multi-layered. Bodysuits are quite popular and while it’s typically a one and done kind of thing, if you layer up with fishnets, pants, or even a jacket, it can take some effort to strip down to do your business. Please take some time to think about how you will make it work if your outfit is not as simple as dropping trousers. When you gotta go, you gotta go and having obstacles can be a nuisance. For myself, I remove my hydration pack and sweater and ask my considerate and helpful boyfriend to hold my things so I can just work with the essentials of my outfit when it’s my turn in the restroom line. If need be and without fully exposing yourself, un-do a button or ask for help with a back zipper to make it quicker. Being conscious of your outfit restrictions can help avoid accidents.
  • Don’t forget a backup pair of pasties. I’m all for freeing the nip, but if you’re wanting to leave more to the imagination, secure your pasties with additional adhesive. For those times where it’s a hot festival or you’re dancing yourself into a sweat, you’ll want to have an extra pair of pasties on hand in case the adhesive does not hold anymore. This keeps you from making a trip to the medical tent for band-aids praying those little guys to hold on for dear life. Granted, this isn’t the FCC, your comfort is important and you do not want your personal nipplegate to wind up in someone’s viral video or photo.
  • Don’t leave without a light jacket or blanket. I have 3 words for you. EDC LV 2019. Don’t get caught without a sweater or blanket, no matter how confident you are about the weather for the festival. It can drastically change and you don’t want the weather to ruin your experience. Rent a locker or take a sweater or a throw. I always like to plan a backup outfit or accessories to wear with my outfit for the cold and hot weather. Leggings underneath, pants to put on over, long sleeve to throw on or sweater because I love to be cozy.
  • Don’t forget to smile! After all, you’re in an amazing place, so smile and let the world know just how happy you are. A smile goes a long way, with eye contact it can even someone’s spirits to know that they are seen and acknowledged. That alone can change someone’s mood for the better. Smile, and the whole world smiles with you.
  • *Bonus tip: Don’t party irresponsibly! Make sure you hydrate and stock up on Rave Doctor’s Electrolyte Hydration Powder which comes in a delicious lemon lime flavor and is easy to take. Also , check out their Protection & Recovery supplements which can help you quickly recover so you are ready to party all over again or be ready to work Monday morning.

These fashion donts may not seem so bad. I think that speaks volumes to how the rave and festival community is so incredible that it is hard to come up with such a list. In short, comfort over everything. You can still be stylish AND comfortable. You don’t have to sacrifice one for the other, just plan ahead and prepare accordingly.

For all the men out there, here is an article with some great tips on how to dress to a music festival!

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