Top 10 Festival Personalities

1. Newbies 

No matter what festival you go to, there is always going to be a large amount of newbies. How do you spot them? That’s easy. They all look exactly the same and travel in packs. They are literally like carbon copies of each other. Yes, I’m talking flower crowns and tiny denim shorts, no matter the occasion. I have seen these looks at mainstream festivals, punk festivals, country festivals, hip-hop festivals, and raves. You sometimes see fringe, you sometimes see neon, but you will always see the duck face or the sorority squat when they are taking photos.

Although female newbies are easily spotted, guys aren’t off the hook. The quintessential newbie dude at a festival is either extremely over-prepared or severely under-prepared. You’ll either see them lathered up with sunscreen, with a bucket hat on, and holding an over-sized backpack OR simply shirtless and sporting a pair of swim trunks looking overwhelmed and stoked at the same time.

2. Bored People

Even though you are at a music festival with pounding music, striking lights, vibrant people, and exuberant energy all around, there are still people that somehow manage to appear bored. They walk around the festival grounds with a blank look on their face, are glued to their phones, stare off into the distance, or are unamused at the stages. Talk about a vibe killer. It makes you question, why did you even come? But don’t let these bored people get you down. Grab a drink, grab your friends, and go watch a set!

3. Annoying Couples

A lot of couples are annoying at music festivals. Am I right, or am I right? They are either making-out in front of you or screaming at each other. Both of which suck. Could anything be worse than people making out like no one’s watching or getting on each other’s shoulders, blocking the view for everyone else? Yes. Couples fighting so much that they are screaming and crying at each other, disrupting the performances and destroying the mood for everyone else. We’ve all been there. We’ve all seen it. How hard is it to simply have fun?

4. Clout Chasers

Anywhere that there are celebrities, there are clout chasers. ESPECIALLY at a music festival. A “Clout Chaser”, also known as a “Groupie”, is “A person that only hangs with certain people or starts beef with people to gain popularity.” (Quora) They spend all of their time searching for people to help give them 5 minutes of fame, whether that is bugging famous people in the audience, jumping onto the stage, or attempting to meet the artists in restricted areas. Don’t be a clout chaser.

5. Instagram Models & Influencers

Some may ask, “How can I know if someone is an Instagram model or influencer?” The answer is, “Because they will constantly be taking pictures, and may have even brought their own photographer!” Their priority at these music festivals is not usually to only listen to the music, but to create social media content too. I mean, how can you prove you were there if you didn’t take any photos?

6. People In Costumes

At every music festival, you will always spot that one person who’s in a ridiculous inflatable costume, with one of the most common ones being the infamous T-Rex. It’s kind of funny at first, but then they just end up taking over too much space once they start charging through the crowd to make their presence known to whoever is performing. Their goals are to get noticed and to get on the big screen, which can sometimes get in the way of the actual show. Regardless, it still can be entertaining.

7. Those Who Are Under The Influence

We can’t forget about people who are under the influence! Whether drunk, high, or messed up from something else, these individuals are a major part of the music festival scene. Did you even go to a festival if you didn’t witness crowds of people taking shots, secretly rolling blunts on the ground, or coming up to you speaking nonsense and slurring their words? The answer is no, you probably haven’t.

8. The Aggressors

Now no one likes the aggressor-type at music festivals. They forcefully push past you in a crowd dripping in sweat, jump on people for no reason, dance so hard that they “accidentally” punch you in the face, scream way too loud that you are concerned for your hearing, and crowd surface when no one is down to catch them. For your own safety, stay away.

9. The Douchebags

You know those guys who look like they are at a frat party and not at a music festival? Those would be the douchebags. They are usually with all of their friends, shout so loudly like they are trying to get someone’s attention from a mile away, shotgunning beers, and are chanting random things that make them seem like they have a secret language.

10. Thirsty Singles

Last but not least, we have the thirsty singles. Let’s be honest, they came to the festival to hook-up, and that’s it. They hit on you, they make unapologetic moves thanks to some liquid courage, and you’re either down for it, or you want them to disappear.

That’s it! I have broken down the top 10 different types of festival personalities that YOU will run into at your next music festival. Which category do you fall under? 

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