Okeechobee Music Festival 2020: What You Need to Know

Leela Galbraith

Okeechobee Festival is back and better than ever! Sunshine Grove is such a magical place filled with great music, beautiful art, and even better people. Like any camping festival, make sure to arrive prepared. Bring a tent, a canopy, plenty of sunscreen, and food. If you want to get fancy bring yourself an air mattress and even a stove to cook meals! Although the glamping (glam-camping) route is fun, I typically stick with pb&js and a thick blanket to sleep on.

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During the day, the Florida sun is scorching, but at night the temperatures drop quite a bit, so make sure to bring a coat or a onesie. My favorite part about Okee was all of the late night parties and secret events I stumbled upon, including comedy acts and rap battles. Keep warm at night so you can take your time experiencing everything the festival has to offer.

The campground is a bit of a hike from the festival so be prepared to walk or bring extra cash to grab a bike! Getting back to the campsite can be just as fun as the main event if you just do a little wandering; there are tons of renegade parties going on and plenty of open minded festival-goers to become your new best friends.

For more information on the festival or to buy tickets, you can visit Okeechobee Music Festival Website.

As always, be safe, drink water, and look out for one another. All the love ~ Leela

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