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Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, better known as EDCLV, is upon us! In fact, it’s less than a month away! Over the last year you may be have been stressing out about finding flights, booking a hotel, putting your outfits together, and of course what parties you will be attending during EDC Week but have you stopped to think how you will make the most out your EDC experience once you step through the magical gates and descend into the fairytale rave land we know as EDC !?   One thing I know for certain, you will surely be overwhelmed as soon as you step foot onto the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. There is truly nothing like EDCLV and by the end you will be wondering if you were actually there or if it was just a dream. Seriously! Those three days become a blur as they whizz by you. As much as you may think you’ll catch up with this friend, or see that artist, you may never get the chance to if you don’t have a set list of things in mind to accomplish. That’s why I created this list of 15 Ways to Make the Most of EDC!  This list encompasses all the major things you MUST do when at EDC to guarantee you lived your time there to the fullest. It ensures you that you will get out of your comfort zone, do things you may not have thought you’d ever do, and when all said and done you will know that you got the most out of your experience in Las Vegas.   So…here we go!  

  1. Take a Picture in Front of Every Stage 

 Taking a picture in front of every stage is important because it means you will have visited every stage at the speedway. Sometimes before an event we make our “set list” and realize 99% of the DJs we want to see will be at Main Stage. Well.. that’s no fun! Live a little, I’m sure you can see that Main Stage DJ at another time. Millions and Millions of dollars go into putting these magical stages together. Even if you may not love the music at a specific stage it’s still really amazing to see the hard work and creativity put into every one. So get to the festival early and travel around. Take a picture in front of every stage, it’ll be a memory you’ll be glad to have.   

  2. Watch a Set From a DJ You Don’t Know  Trust me, I know it’s terribly hard to stray away from what we love. When Oliver Heldens is playing I’m there no matter what! You will have 11 hours each day at EDC, just take one hour to see a DJ you may not have heard before. The way I do this is I usually get to festivals as soon as the gates open. I use this time to catch a new DJ and I’ve found so many more DJs to add to the list that I love! It’s bizarre, but it’s true that music sounds differently at a festival. Maybe you’re in a different mood than usual and will love this new DJ on stage. You. Never. Know! Just try it!   3. Walk Down Memory Lane   This is just one of those things you have to do, especially if it’s your first EDC. When you’re at Disney you have to go on It’s a Small World, and when you’re at EDC you have to take a trip down memory lane to see how EDC has evolved and appreciate what it is today.   4. Take a Picture with Fireworks in the Background   I mean, there’s no way to regret this one. Who doesn’t love an amazing picture with fireworks and there’s no match for the ones at EDC.  

  5. Take a Sunset Before and a Sunset After Picture   How many times will be you be at a place where you are there for the sunset AND the sunrise! It’s so amazing to watch the sun go down and the lights of EDC illuminate the desert. And it’s just as incredible to watch the sun come back up it’s really an indescribable feeling. Taking a picture of both the sunset and the sunrise will give you this awesome feeling of accomplishment as it’s something only those who have been to EDC share with you.   6. Spend Time at an Art Car  This kind of goes with #1 and #2. Not only is an Art Car a much smaller stage with a DJ you may not know but 100% EDC uses these cars for major surprises… ahem… Kaskade 4am Surprise set for EDC 2017! Yeah… that happened! It’s just a small part of EDC that can be easily missed if you’re only focused on hitting up the big stages.   7. Watch a Set in the Stands   This is for two reasons.. one your feet will be killing you so I’m giving you a break here. Just Kidding! I mean, your feet will be hurting I’m sorry to tell you, but you’ll want to watch a set at the Neon Garden high up in the stands because you basically get to see the whole speedway at once! It is MAGICAL! There’s just no other way to describe it. If you catch a fireworks show here you are extra lucky!   8. Trade a Piece of Kandi  Not only is this like a staple of rave culture if you’ve never done it before, but it is a cool way to meet people. I’ll tell you a funny story… at my first EDC I had never traded kandi before. A guy walked up to me and my friend dancing erratically and we thought he just wanted to dance with us which at the time we weren’t interested in because we thought it was a little creepy. A second later it dawned on us that he just wanted to trade a piece of kandi. SMH. Super “UnPLUR” of us, I know! I now realize that trading kandi is a way to spread love, positivity, and meet new people. It’s also really fun to trade a piece of kandi and see what you’re going to get. All of the pieces I have received from others I keep because they are super special to me!   9. Watch a Fireworks Show at Main Stage   These usually happen in between sets and it’s just really,really cool. It’s great for pictures and videos to take home with you. Main Stage is gigantic and see fireworks go up above the stage is so breathtaking! Definitely don’t want to miss one of these.   10. Watch the Open Ceremony & Closing Ceremony   This goes along with #9. If you make sure to catch the opening and closing ceremony you will for sure see a fireworks show at Main Stage. The opening and closing ceremonies give me chills just to think about. These are usually over 5 minutes long and the perfect way to kick off and end EDC. It’s like an induction and huge welcome into the best weekend of your entire life! You’ll seriously regret missing either one of these.   11. Get to the Rail at Main Stage  Basically just to say you did! Plus, who doesn’t want to be front and center feeding off the energy watching their favorite DJ?! It can be a mission to get to the front but once you do, you won’t even mind being crammed in because you’ll be having the time of your life! Snap a pic if you complete this one, it’s a trying feat for anyone to make it to the rail especially if it’s a very popular DJ.   12. Give Out High Fives   This is part of being PLUR aka exuding Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect! Some times people will be stressed, tired, in agony after days of partying and a high five might be what they need to cheer them up! Other ways to be PLUR? Share some water, give out your gum, or fan down your fellow ravers. Trust me, these gestures will be appreciated and remembered forever. I can remember sitting down at EDC and having multiple people walk by and fan me making sure I was okay. Do you know how much that means coming from a total stranger? Honestly, it gives you that little bit of hope in the world that not all is lost. So be a rave pal and make new friends along the way.   13. Make a New Friend   There are so many people who go to EDC solo, I really can’t believe it! While going solo is not my cup of tea, I never mind letting someone tag along with my crew. Obviously, it’s doable to be alone but it’s way more fun to have a friend! Some people get stuck in positions where they already bought a ticket and their friends back out etc. If you make a friend with someone like this who may have anxiety about being alone I’m sure it will be greatly appreciated and probably a lifelong friend.   14. Introduce Two Crews   This sort of goes along with #13. When you know a ton of people going to a festival they may already be part of a “rave fam”  that doesn’t mean you can’t bring everyone together! Introduce two crews to each other and give the opportunity for everyone to make new friends! How awesome is that !? The bigger the squad the better in my opinion.   15. Take Some Time to Explore   This goes beyond just the stages. There is an entire speedway to explore! There’s shops, food, air conditioned chill zones, carnival rides and so much more! Again, I get to the festival early so I have time to check everything out but you may have a lapse in the night of time where there isn’t anyone in particular you want to see. Take this time to explore the entire park so you don’t miss anything!    Well, there you have it! The 15 Ways I think you can make the most out of EDC. I’m sure this list is not even close to all of the things you can experience but it’s a really good start! If you’re heading out to EDCLV you’ll also want to make sure you have your Rave Doctor in hand! Start taking this a few days before the festival and then after the festival is over to get the essential vitamins you need to recover fast after EDC. Make sure to use the code THECRAZYRAVECHICK for a discount off your order! 

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