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How to Avoid Getting Scammed When Buying a Festival Ticket

Every so often a show may be sold out, or you come across a better deal online, whatever the reason may be to buy a ticket from someone other than the events website, there will always be a risk of getting scammed.

One way many people buy tickets is using online apps like “Radiate” or “Craigslist”. In this instance, there are many red flags to watch out for before you send anybody your money. First, browse their profile and judge for yourself if they look like a real person in the festival community. Red flags in this case would include no pictures of them at raves, or just one picture on their profile. Another huge giveaway somebody is a scammer is if they just created the account. For example if they have been a member on radiate for less than a week, they most likely made the account to scam innocent ravers.

If they seem real, and have been a member for a decent amount of time, ask to use PayPal Goods and Services rather than Cashapp or Venmo. With PayPal Goods and Services, if the ticket it not legitimate, Paypal Goods and Services will refund your money. Most scammers are aware of this, so if they refuse to use Paypal Goods and Services, do not give them your money.

A safer way to get a second hand ticket would be through someone who is vouched for. Many people on Radiate are vouched for by other ravers using the app. I’ve boughten tickets from people who are vouched for without a problem.

An even safer situation would be if someone you know and trust introduced you to the seller. Life can get hectic and sometimes you just can’t make it to the festival you already bought the ticket for, so it’s possible someone in your rave fam has a friend who has a ticket up for grabs. If you have mutual friends that you trust, in this scenario, you are pretty much in the clear.

If you plan to buy a ticket second hand, always trust your instincts, really do your research, and be safe because there is a risk no matter how sure you are of the situation.

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