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Festival Problems: Why Are My Boogers Black?

Why are they black?

There are 2 main reasons why your nose could be producing black boogers during a festival. First reason is that your nose could be bleeding from the inside. I know that blood is normally red, but when blood dries and is left inside of the nose for a while, it will start to turn into a blackish color. In most cases, ravers like to party too hardy and end up hurting their nose and make it bleed in very mysterious ways…. such as not drinking enough water (not drinking enough water is the leading cause for most health problems at a festival, so please drink water). The second reason you could be producing black boogers is due to the festival environment. All festivals have different maps, environments and weather (but we all know this by now of course). Some places are known to be very dusty and other venues are known to have bad winds, both play a factor on how much dirt and dust is being blown into your face. As ravers, we have found ways to counteract all this dust from entering our nose by wearing dust masks at festivals now. All this dust entering your nose will create black booger and eventually enter your lungs, which could lead to serious respiratory problems in the future…. so remember to always wear (or at least carry) a mask to all your events, you just never know how bad the dust winds are going to be.

Story Time

In 2019, I went to Sun City Music Festival in Tampa, Florida with a squad of 7. When we arrived at the venue, we noticed that it was windy, it was hot, and there was so much dirt being blown everywhere. I was wearing a bandana (which I never used to cover my nose/mouth for some reason) and all of my other friends forgot their dust masks at home. We all took pictures together, but the camera was so close to our face, you could see all the black boogers and dirt inside of our noses. Needless to say, we had to delete all those pictures and clean ourselves up mid-fest, we had no idea that we were attracting that much dust. Bottom line never forget your dust mask at home… it’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.