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Pooping at a Music Festival: How to Guide

Let’s be honest… we all poop. Pooping is a natural thing. But, pooping at a festival is just plain diabolical and ungodly. Everyone struggles with pooping at fests. Whether it be the bloating, stomach pain of constipation, or the stomach gurgling, gassy , scared you might shart  diarrhea. Either way, it’s a shituation. (Pun intended)

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Festival Problems: Why Are My Boogers Black?

We’ve all been there, you take a selfie at a festival and then you look at the picture for quality reassurance, and there it is…. A BLACK BOOGER.


Coronavirus & Festival Season: What’s Going to Happen?

We have all been hearing a lot about the recent Coronavirus epidemic happening in China and quickly making its way around the world. With the death tolls and infections rising, what does this mean for festival season 2020?


7 Festival Hacks

Festivals are tough. Multiple days of dancing can really take a toll on your body. Then add camping into the


5 Tips For Getting To The Front

By: Amanda Cosenza Face it, nothing beats the front row for your favorite artist. There is just something different about

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How to Stay Hydrated at a Festival

What does it mean to be dehydrated? Dehydration is a sneaky issue and can happen before you feel the side

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