The Festival Checklist

The Festival Checklist


This checklist has been compiled after countless adventures. Before I get started, forgetting many of these items could ruin your time if you let it. I will share some stories of items forgotten that actually enhanced the experience because of the great people I was with.


  1. Your ticket! You would think that forgetting your ticket in a different state would be a game-changer. How do you even get into the festival you may ask? While every festival is different there is always a way in! Most of the people working at the festival are volunteers and want to help you!
  2. Your ID! Most festivals require you to have an ID and I have found few to have strict rules on this one, but someone always forgets it. When this happens, you have two options. Option one – profile the security, watching their actions, and listening to their conversations, you will be looking for the nicest person that seems to be there because they enjoy it. They will normally let you go just show them a different card and explain so there supervisor does not hear. If this does not work, you will have to try at a different line or entrance. Option two – the distraction, this one always works but you need to know what you are doing. There are many forms of distractions. My recommendation is to start up a conversation with the security, this way your friend walks right by. You can also get something taken away on purpose and make a big deal about it so everyone is looking at you. Whatever you choose once you are in you will have a fun story.
  1. CashCash could very easily be the most critical and most overlooked item at a festival. Unfortunately, we live in a world where cash buys almost anything. Cash can get you in the back door of a festival, backstage, into VIP, water, Gatorade, and whatever! Most importantly of all is that cash can get you home. No matter what your plans are, you should have a backup. At Tomorrow World, all rides out were canceled because of flooding. Big deal right, we all have Uber! Well when you are in the middle of the woods, there is no Uber. Tomorrow World ends at 12 AM and we were stuck hiking around the wet woods looking for a road. Somehow my friends and I get onto a bus headed to what we thought was downtown Atlanta. At 4:30 am after sleeping standing up on a crowded bus, we were told that we had arrived. Everyone gets off. We had arrived at the off-site parking 4 miles from the event. How is this possible? I will never know. Thankfully, we together had $60. I immediately stood in the middle of the road stopped the first car and told them they would be taking my group home and we would give them every penny we had. Without the cash, we would have slept in a field in the rain. Instead, we made it home safely with a great story and ready for the “canceled” day three (story to come).
  1. Toilet Paper or Tissues: Let’s be honest, toilet paper (as a must) may seem a little funny to you. I will save you from the details. For my festival experts you know it is hard to find a working bathroom and even harder to find one with toilet paper. In the off chance, you need toilet paper you will be happy you have it. I recommend portable tissue packs. They easily fit into a pocket or bag. Someone in your group will love you for bringing this!
  1. A Rave Supplement (I highly recommend Rave Doctor by Elimbix) Why do I need a Rave supplement? You are about to go to a 3-day festival! You are going to dance a lot, eat little to no food, and party your butt off. I do not know about you, but it sounds like a recipe to get sick and depressed when you have to return to the real world. Rave Doctor has all the antioxidants, vitamins and serotonin precursors you need to stay healthy and happy after your weekend of partying. Check out to learn more and buy some!
Rave Doctor


    1. DirectionsThis one is simple! Someone in the group should know where you are going!
    1. KeysDo not be like Matias and climb up the side of the building to get into the apartment.
    1. PhoneLet’s be real. You all want your phones but you run the risk of losing it. You might consider getting a locker and choosing meeting spots. You do not have cell service anyway.
    1. Portable chargerIf you do have your phone, it will do you no good if it is dead.
    1. Bug spraySome festivals do not allow airsoft bug spray so get wipes.
    1. Snacks (Protein bars): I rather not pay $10 for a small meal. Instead, I sneak in two protein bars to keep me going. Some places will take this away from you. Hide the bars or tell them you have low blood sugar.
    1. Hydration PackCamelbacks are not for everyone but they are great to hold your stuff and keep you and your friends hydrated! Be careful about sharing, it is an easy way to get sick!

      1. Good shoesI know the ladies will not listen but dancing for upwards of 12 hours is hard on your body. Good shoes will keep your feet safe and help prevent soreness. If it looks like rain, you may want to look into waterproof options and good socks. Being comfortable will trump fashion!
      1. SweaterA small layer might come in handy at the end of the night.
      1. Spare clothesJust in case something happens. Things DO happen.
      1. Hat: Keep your head safe from the sun.
      1. Sunscreen: Getting sunburnt is no fun!
      1. Sunglasses: Keep your eyes safe in the harsh sun!


      1. GiveawayI always bring something to share or pass out at festivals. Nothing will make your friends faster than a 5-cent jolly rancher or paper diffraction glasses. Diffraction glasses are by far my favorite. I bring a real pair for myself and a couple of paper pairs to pass out. Some festivals I will bring a hundred or so paper diffraction glasses and pass them out to the people around me. Everyone will love you and want to party with your squad.

        1. FlaskBringing a flask into a festival is a necessity. If you have a bag, you can hide one or two flasks easily or get some smuggling underwear. If you do not plan on drinking, your friends will still thank you.
        1. LighterI cannot tell you how many times I’ve been asked for a lighter, just another way to make friends.
        1. CigarettesI do not actually bring cigarettes but you will be a popular person if you have a couple of extra, even if you don’t smoke!
        1. ChapstickDo I need to say more?
        1. Sinus inhalerNot everyone knows about sinus inhalers. You do not need to be on drugs to enjoy the rush!


        I put together a list of my favorite things for a non-camping festival. I hope this helps get you started and prevents you from making some festival mistakes. If you have any questions or comments send an email to or check out our website. Most importantly do not forget to get your bottle of Rave Doctor today! 


        • Cant wait to test this out in nov.

          Shannon M Goodman
        • Bring a spray bottle and a cooling rag/headband. When it gets too hot, just spray it again and it’ll cool you off!

        • Dont forget to blow your nose and clean your ears after a festival! Its gross but your body will thank you lol

          Stanisha Stroman
        • I love to have gum and jolly ranchers as well!!

        • Ok definitely using this list for my next fest


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