Good Vibes Warm the Sole

Good Vibes Warm the Sole Rave Doctor


Why should you be a festival junky? It’s easy, peace, love, unity, respect (PLUR). We have all fallen in love with a movement. Festivals are about so much more than just the music. We return to festivals year after year for the people. The loving vibes heal the sole.

How do you rank your festivals? Does the music come to the top or the people? We can always listen to great music. Our phones connect in seconds to all that the heart desires. The true secret to a great festival is great people with great vibes. This starts with the staff and ends with you!

For spring weekend in Chicago, I was walking with a cane because of an ankle injury. This was an opportunity to observe and talk to more people than I normally would. The overall great vibes and encouragement from the fellow festies were amazing. With many people going out of their way to say hello and talk to me as I attempted to dance and mosh on one leg.

Day two of the festival was the real test of the crowd. I got separated from my festival family and was wandering around. I love wandering but my foot was starting to hurt, and I could not find the fam. Out of nowhere Jade comes up and asks me if I am having fun. I guess I looked a little lost. We talked for a while, and she insisted I hang out with her until I find my friends. We had a great time, and at the end of the festival we found our friends, but before parting, she decided I needed to take her VIP pass so I could get off my foot for day three. Jade made my night and was one of the highlights of the weekend!

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The Rave Doctor family believes PLUR is contagious and our community needs to do everything possible to spread the love during day-to-day life! Whether you are giving up your seat on the bus, giving a stranger an umbrella in the rain, or a random smile, the smallest things can make someone’s day! We hope that you start spreading positive vibes every day. Make a difference in someone's life, and it will come back tenfold.

With peace, love, unity, and respect,

The Rave Doctor Family

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