5 Must Haves For Sunny Festival Days

By: Mia Nissen

With summertime comes festivals, and with festivals comes responsibility. It is so easy to overlook the necessities for sun protection when we are all looking forward to spending our days mingling on the dancefloor. However, taking proper care to protect ourselves from sun damage is essential to prolonging the party and making the most out of our festivals. The hottest part of any day is 10AM-2PM, so if you choose to venture out during these times, make sure to carry these supplies with you to stay protected.

  1. Sunscreen. This one may seem obvious, but forgetting sunscreen has the potential to ruin your whole experience. Sunburns and dehydration seem to come on much quicker when we are dancing the days away with our friends. Don’t skimp on that SPF either-30 or higher is the safest way to go and you should reapply every 80 minutes. Yes, we all love earning a nice tan, but SPF 15 doesn’t cut it for those long festival days. If your festival adventures are near the ocean, remember to opt for biodegradable sunscreen as to not harm our marine ecosystems.
  2. Pashmina. What is a pashmina? A thicker scarf that can function as a dust mask, warm shawl, or sun protection- it is probably the most essential item in a festival wardrobe! Wrap it around your head and it provides you with a reliable barrier from the sunshine that stays in place throughout all of your activities. Plus, they come in beautiful fabrics and prints to complete your festival ensemble! Pashminas can be found at most festival vendor marketplaces or at Tibetan import shops.
     (photo by Frazer Harrison)
  3. Hats. When it comes to hats, wide-brimmed is the way to go. The best ones cover not only your head and face but your neck too. Many reported cases of Melanoma start in hard to see places, including behind the ears. No matter your style, just make sure that your chosen headgear protects from both UVA and UVB rays.
  4. Refillable Water Hydration Pack. Water is the key to staying happy and healthy throughout a festival weekend. We all know, or have heard of someone who had to end the party early because of dehydration. It’s a sad, but very preventable, reality. Most festivals offer free water filling stations, and Vibedration and CamelBak are two of the leading hydration pack brands. Choosing a hydration pack over a bottle provides you with larger amounts of water at a time so you don’t have to leave the dancefloor! Stay on the lookout for our newest product to keep you hydrated, HydroRx! Coming soon.
  5. Sunglasses. Sunglasses are another obvious one, but seriously, do not forget them! Sunburnt eyes hurt and can ruin your time, so ensure that the glasses you’re wearing block 99-100% of all UVA and UVB rays. I can also tell you that I have learned the hard way, don’t bring your fanciest pair of shades to the festival, but instead opt for a cheaper pair. You don’t want to make it back to the tent and realize your beloved Ray-Bans are nowhere to be found. Luckily, brands like Spunglasses, ReblKitty, and My Willows make funky and affordable sunglasses that provide you with all the protection you need!

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